A little bit of Heaven . . .

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alright, so we arrived here in Guatemala around 6:15 this morning. We were all wondering why we hadn’t landed yet by 6:00 when a flight attendant got on the speaker and said “we were informed that there was a dog on the runway so we had to circle back around so no one worry—the plane and everything is fine! But there is a dog on the landing strip.” …. Hahaha, all the Hna’s y Hno’s were dying. There were 8 of us sisters and 6 elders on that flight! They are all great. Guatemala is BEAUTIFUL. I was so grateful for that dog this morning because we got to catch the sunrise as we circled around. It was Heaven—volcanoes poking out of a blanket of pink/orange clouds.

My comp. here is Hermana Howard from Maryland. She is the bomb. So sweet. And so understanding. I think all of the sisters & elders could tell I was a little quiet/emotional during our flights. They are all so great. Elder Orr from S. Dakota is a sweetie. He comforted me with some kind words and his testimony at one point during our layover in LA. But you will be so proud to know I have only teared up like twice since I left you all. 🙂 Christine, you’re so strong. Oh stop it, I know. Hahaha, I miss you all.


I just finished my first day here at the CCM! It was busy, felt like a WEEK, but it was good. I was very extremely tired and EVERYONE TOLD ME SO, lol, but it’s overall been a good day! Companions are such a blessing. I love mine. Her name is Hermana Lauren Howard from Maryland! We are getting through each day together. It helps to think of this as one day that I have to conquer at a time.

The Spanish is coming along already! They make us speak it wherever we can and almost all of the workers and teachers and leaders here are natives (or at least Latinos). There are only 60 missionaries here! It is awesome. We sang tonight as hermanas in the hallways of our apts/dorms (which are way nice BTW…). We sang “I Need Thee Every Hour” in Espanol.

I love you all!



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