The Joy of Conference

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alright you guys! Sorry I had NO time today to write my general email. I totally failed, I know. Haha, I even had an outline and everything! But anyway, you can add this to the blog when you get it because it’s about all of the most important things from this week that I wanted to take more time to write about. J

First of all—the CCM and the missionary work. The CCM is great! And hard. And it’s 100% on YOU to make the most of every minute you have! Some days are more successful in that way than others but you can feel such a difference between the days that you work your HARDEST every single second, always trying your best, and the days I think we all have sometimes when we may take more time to think about ourselves and our needs than the Savior’s. Those days can be “good” days, but the really great, rewarding edifying, happy, fulfilling, exciting, miracle-filled days are the first kind. And honestly, which sounds like a better day in the end? J

I’m trying my best to be exactly obedient so I can always be worthy of the spirit and worthy to do the Lord’s work. If I’m not doing His work, why am I even out here?! En serio. I am a representative of Jesus Christ—“my voice is His voice, and my acts are His acts; my words are His words and my doctrine is His doctrine.” I am here in Guatemala to “say and do what He himself would say and do if He personally were ministering to the very people to whom He has sent me.” My Savior personally chose me to represent Him. That is what it means to be a missionary, a witness in word and deed of the great work and gospel of my Savior, Jesus Christ. AND GUESS WHAT? You guys have been called too—by Christ, as we all have, to be His disciples. I love that that was totally a theme of this Conference.

If I were to try and tell you guys everything I loved from Conference, I would probably just have to tell you to go online and read through every single talk because they are ALL SO PERFECT. How great are the leaders of Christ’s church? (Side note: Not that I think about marriage ever or anything, but I always look at those great men and think of what I need to do to be worthy of a man like that. Let’s just say I have some high expectations for a husband. . . . and myself, haha. J)

Anywho, THIS IS SO HARD TO CHOOSE but I’ll try to keep it brief and just choose a few of my absolute favorite things from Conference (which, btw, I wish took place very single weekend).

#1. This Conference really inspired me to answer Christ’s call every day for the rest of my life to leave what I have on Earth in order to become His disciple.

Elder Rasband gave a great talk on our opportunity and calling to love and lift each other. Elder Holland’s talk on love was also amazing! (Are we surprised?) I love how he talked about CHRIST-like love and how Christ-like love can change the world. I know that is true. I also loved how he touched on the nature of Christ-like love being both soft and sometimes stern! We all have experienced both kinds of Christ-like love—sometimes loving like Christ means demanding a lot of us and pushing us to grow. But that’s the love of someone who TRULY treasures us and knows what we can become.

President Monson also gave an incredible talk in the Sunday morning session. I love how he said LOVE is the very essence of this Gospel. Jesus Christ is our exemplar and His life was love. We all have the power to change someone’s life by showing others the love that Christ has for us and that we have for Him.

Our love for Christ is the key to obedience, too, which is another part of becoming a disciple of Christ. K, Elder Hales’ talk on obedience was the bomb. If we want to become like the Savior, we will strive to have “Savior-like obedience.” I had never thought about how obedience to Heavenly Father even strengthened our Savior. But our Savior was an example in ALL! His obedience in Gethsemane strengthened Him to endure to the end, even His suffering on Golgotha. I know that obedience brings us joy and strength. We cannot always see the fruits of our diligent efforts immediately like President Eyring said Saturday morning, but the fruits will come. J Do not give up!

#2. Enduring, even to the end, brings such great blessings. And we are NEVER alone. N e v e r. Bishop Stevenson gave a great talk. I loved his analogy of our lives being our 4-minute performances that we will think about for the rest of our lives. What are we going to do in those 4 minutes! And is simply ensuring our OWN happiness enough? You hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine!! This was so inspiring for me to hear as a missionary. As President Eyring said, Christ never gives up, even when His message is rejected. Who cares if people reject my message or throw food at me? (Lol, pray that doesn’t happen.) When we get to Heaven, people will thank us for sharing with them. On the other hand, how terribly will we feel in that day when our brothers and sisters ask “Why didn’t you try to share with me? How could you walk right past me and not say a word?” Elder Richard G. Scott gave me chills when he said something along the lines of “every child of God on Earth and in Heaven chose Jesus Christ’s plan. Have faith that when given the chance, they will do so again.” GUYS HOW GREAT IS THAT QUOTE. I’m obsessed with the gospel. Hahaha. Okay, this is getting long but I’m almost done, I promise. J

Elder Bednar’s talk was an answer to my prayers. Sometimes it seems so unfair that God would send us to Earth to endure trial after trial. But our trials, our burdens, our loads, are what, in reality, save us and help us to grow closer to and become like Jesus Christ. Our burdens are unique but there is nothing that we can ever experience in this life that Jesus Christ has not experienced first. He knows what it’s like. He knows how to succor us. He can lift and enable us to do things we never could without Him. The Atonement not only cleanses, it strengthens J. How lucky are we?! EVERYONE can access the power of the Atonement! “The Gospel is not WEIGHT,” as Jean A. Stevens said, “it is WINGS.” It carries us. I am not alone. You are not alone. Heavenly Father and our Savior have greater things in store for those who follow them than we can ever imagine. One of my new favorite scriptures is Hebrews 12:1-2. Christ endured the cross because He could see the joy that was set before Him. I know that if I have faith in the joy that is set before me after this life, take advantage of the Atonement and answer the call of my Savior, one day I can stand before my Father in Heaven with joy and peace. I know that my Redeemer lives! I know He loves me. I know that through Him, all things can be made right and we can become whole. I love you all!

Con amor,
Hermana Marcheschi
(aka ya gurl)


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