A crazy week

June 2, 2014 at 6:02 p.m.

 I only have 5 minutes to write because today was CRAZY. It has been raining HARD since last night and we went to Xela today so we could buy normal food at a grocery store (we only get to go to a real store once a month and our fridge freezes everything so it’s a little difficult to find food that won’t go bad in a few weeks, haha) and it was POURING as we trekked it through the streets. We were going to write in Xela but the power kept going out and there were no internets available. After we shopped and had stuffed as much as we could into a small suitcase and had the rest in our hands, we began the 10 block walk to the bus stop in the rain with no hands to carry umbrellas and it was definitely a hard day to end a really really really hard week…. I was getting frustrated a little and almost close to tears as the suitcase kept falling in huge huge puddles and the rain was blowing straight into my face under my hood and we still had a long ways to go, when a man ran up to us and told us he worked at the Deseret office here and was an RM and grabbed all our bags and ran them into the Deseret office building. He and his coworkers wrapped all our stuff in plastic wrap and drove us to the bus stop. He told us “I served in Honduras! A missionary knows how the mission can be, and I couldn’t let you walk anymore in the rain. But I can promise you both that the rewards for your work are a thousand times more than your sacrifices here.” THAT made me want to cry even more! So thankful for tender mercies from the Lord. I will write more next week! Love you all!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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