Indebted to the Lord

June 16, 2014 at 5:47 p.m.


This week has been crazy! I don’t know if I´ve mentioned this but we have SO MANY earthquakes here! We have had a few that have awakened Hna. Pena and me up in the early morning and that shake our apartment and our beds and everything. It’s craazy. I’ve never really been scared by them until this morning, hahaha. The earthquake this morning lasted for about 10 seconds and seemed a little stronger than the others. But the only measure we have is how much our room shakes so I have no idea, hahah.

San Cris is known for being a really really chill and decently safe (for Guatemala) town but has gotten a little more dangerous in the past few weeks so we always do my training study at night so we can enter our apartment a little early! I love it here, though. It´s beautiful and I love the temperature and weather and I love love love the people. The people here are so humble and so loving. I was thinking this week about how weird I’m going to be when I get back because I´ll awkwardly go in to kiss everyone’s cheeks when I greet them. People are gonna be so scared of me, haha. I love the way everybody is so warm and willing to help with any little thing and will go to lengths to find a way to make things better in whatever way they can! I am also constantly amazed by the generosity of the people we visit. Although many of them hardly have food for themselves, there is nothing they want to do more than feed you.

Remember the family we gave a tour of the chapel to? They are such a golden family! We have taught them twice now, and they have a baptismal date for the 5th of July. They are eager to keep commitments and to learn all that they can. We couldn´t pick them up for church because they live really high up and we had to pick up others, but we were expecting them at church on Sunday in the chapel. An hour or so before church started, Hna. Pena called the wife and she was panicking because she and her husband had lost the key to their dresser with all their clothes in it and her husband was still out looking for it or a solution. (Don´t worry, we know they were telling the truth because they had told us about it on Saturday night!) We told her they could come in regular clothes and not to worry! We also had invited them to lunch at a member’s house after church, which they said they were still going to try to come to. She came to lunch in corte, the typical blouse and skirt here, but said she still hadn’t found the key to the dresser! I was a little confused, but as we walked her home she told us that her mother in law told her before church that in the Mormon church, they don’t let you in unless you’re wearing a regular skirt and top and don’t allow you to enter in corte. We quickly corrected that doubt and told her she could come however she wanted! She and her husband are super positive and we love them! We have a trip to the temple grounds planned for Friday and we are hoping all goes smoothly.

I was listening to ¨Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing¨ this morning and I realized how much I really love the lyrics of that song!! I love how much it speaks of tuning our hearts to only praise Christ, binding our hearts to Him, etc. But we cannot do it alone. I love the line in the third verse that reads “Oh, to grace how great a debtor daily I’m constrained to be.¨ I feel so indebted to the Lord. The mission teaches you your weaknesses and I think they might even be exaggerated sometimes. I have so many weaknesses and I hope that the Lord can help me tune my heart to praise Him and only Him, forever. I was also walking this morning through the streets after praying hard back in the apartment and all of a sudden the words of the end of the 13th Article of Faith came to my mind and started to come out of my mouth. I realized that the words I was saying had come as an answer to a prayer. ¨We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things!¨ Sometimes answers don’t come in the forms we expect but they come nonetheless. I love you all with all my heart!! Be gooood and be happy. 🙂


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