A small part of His vineyard

June 23, 2014 at 5:56 p.m.

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Huff Clan, how FUN that you are all in Park City!! I am a little jealous of the family time but really you guys should be jealous you aren´t here in Guatemala with Hermana Pena and me ;). The work is going well, even though there are always challenges! We are working hard to keep finding 20 new investigators a week, (a mission goal), and we are always always working to improve and learn together the best way to do things since we´re both relatively newbies in the mission. We´ve had some really great experiences this week, but a few of my favorites are these:

1) Monday night after emailing I was feeling a little homesick! And sometimes it’s hard to have to wait to see the fruits of our efforts when we are working so so hard. We left the apartment to start working, me feeling a little discouraged, and our part member family cancelled the activity we had planned with them. We went with our second plan and visited a recent convert to the church and her nonmember sister in law. We began talking and pulled out a couple DVDs we have from the mission with Mormon messages and other church videos on them to show a video and teach a short lesson. I felt strongly we should put a certain disc in and I chose a video from the 50 or so Mormon messages that are on it. I couldn’t remember exactly which video it was but I felt that it was the right one to show. (I think it’s called Mountains to Climb?) By the end of the video both the recent convert and I were both in tears. We had a great discussion about trials and how trials can be blessings in our lives if we will persevere. Sometimes it is hard to know how much your work is really helping others when you can’t see the physical fruits, like baptism, immediately. I was so grateful for the opportunity Heavenly Father blessed me with to see some of the fruits of our efforts to do His will and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been a tool in His hands to help remind His daughter of the love He has for her.

2) The six missionaries in our ward were in charge of a ward fellowshipping and game night on Wednesday. Each companionship was in charge of a game in different rooms of the church building and the ward members split up into groups and rotated between rooms. We ended with a message in the chapel and food (you can’t forget the food). We had invited a TON of our investigators and less actives and the activity went SO WELL. Our game was a gospel version of Pictionary. We played with teams and everybody was SO competitive and they were all laughing and having fun, so we were happy. We had 15 of our investigators come!! In total, there were 24 investigators at the activity and 20 or so less actives. It was great. We were so happy to have one of our really positive families there, one that we met a few weeks ago and started teaching this week. They also came to church on Sunday! We are super excited about them.

3) Friday we went to the TEMPLE with one of our investigator families!! B and G and their son, the same family we gave a tour of the chapel to, with the mother in law who says Mormons don’t allow their members to wear corte…. We let them walk around the grounds for a little while we bought them a few pictures for their home in the distribution center. We also sat in the waiting room inside the temple for an hour or so and watched a video about Christ´s miracles. It is so incredible how everybody inside the temple is filled with the desire to HELP OTHERS. Everybody was greeting them and was so so kind. We were so grateful for their efforts to reach out to the family we came with. We went into the hotel building on the temple grounds to get some food before we left. G ran up to us and asked if we could wait another three hours for the ward members to finish their session inside the temples. She said “It´s just that I’m so happy here and I don’t want to leave!” Hermana Pena and I wanted to CRY we were so happy. We got food once the members finished their session and we taught B and G about the temple and the priesthood and the word of wisdom. They want to be sealed in the temple and B wants to have the priesthood and they asked us how they needed to change their lives to unite themselves with the church! QUE PILAS SON ELLOS? 🙂 It was such a beautiful beautiful night! The next morning we woke up at 5 am to help clean the church. Mom and Dad, it totally took me back to cleaning the church with our family! So fun.

4) Remember the family I mentioned a little earlier that we met a few weeks ago and started teaching them this week? The 10 year old son is seriously golden, and his sister and mother too. We were teaching them the Restoration on Saturday and the son said, “You guys are called Mormons?” I said yes and he replied, “I’m going to be a Mormon!!” Hahah, his desire is so incredible! They came to church on Sunday and loved it. We are so excited to work more with them!

I think I have said this a million times already, but the mission is hard! We are learning patience and diligence and humility… A lot of humility. 🙂 Things don’t go our way often, in fact they often go opposite of how we plan, but I know that the Lord´s hand is in this work. He has trusted me with a small part of his vineyard and I hope to be able to have His confidence and to make Him proud. I know that He works alongside us to save the children of our Father. I hope to truly be able to turn my will COMPLETELY over to the Lord so I can truly be a tool in His hands! I love this gospel and this church with all of my heart. I know that this church is the same church, restored, that Jesus Christ established on the Earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of GOD and that we may come to know Him by studying and pondering its pages. I love all of you and I hope you are well!! Best of luck in everything this week. Don’t forget to serve and don’t forget to smile!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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