Turning a corner…


This week was I think the fastest I have had in the whole mission. I´m not sure why, but it was really an amazing week. I feel so much more used to the customs and the language and everything here than I did a month ago. I love love love it. I might not ever come home (psych, Dad, I miss your pasta). Most of the time I honestly feel like I´m a Guatemalteca and then when we take photos I remember I´m a white blonde giant. Hermana Pena´s father is the boss of people that travel to other countries with different identities to watch people for the government in Nicaragua, and there was always a running joke in her family that when she traveled alone, a man that she has never seen nor met named ¨Lesly¨ traveled a day before and knew all of her plans to watch over her for her father. The thing is that Hna. Pena has never known if it was actually a joke…. So you don´t need to worry about us down here — Lesly´s taking good care of us.

Hahah, I am starting to feel like I am turning a corner in my mission. I just hope to be able to turn my desires, my thoughts, my whole self, over to the Lord so He can make me a servant in His kingdom. And that will not change when I leave Guatemala. I love this gospel, I love this work. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity and responsibility to share the message of Christ and the redeeming power of His Atonement. I hope that you all truly know what you have! The price that nature demands for every single one of our sins has already been redeemed. I hope none of you ever feel that you are out of reach of His love and the power of His Atonement. I also love that through the Atonement, all of the unfairness of this Earthly life will one day be made up for.

I want to tell you about one great experience we had this week with the family Sapon! We met the mother and her daughter in our first weeks here but whenever we went to their house, nobody was home. Once we encountered the grandmother and sang hymns with her and shared a scripture. But two weeks ago we saw the mother riding her bike in the street with her son and she stopped and greeted us and asked if we could say a prayer for her. I felt so strongly that we needed to visit her and her family again. We went to their house a day or two later and they are such an amazing family! (This is the family with the son that told me he was going to be a Mormon, hahah.) This week we visited them and watched “The Testaments.” The spirit was so strong. After the movie, the mother began sharing her experience from the day that she asked us to pray for her in the street. She said she had been going through something so hard, and when she saw us in the street she began to thank God for answering her prayers. She told us she didn´t care if we thought she was crazy for asking us to pray for her, just that she knew our prayers would be answered in her behalf. She shared with us that she will not lose this opportunity to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ again (she listened to the missionaries 12 years ago) and that she is so deeply grateful and happy that we are visiting and teaching her and her family. We were all in tears within minutes. I cannot explain the spirit that was there in that lesson with her and her family but I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of His children and I am so grateful that He put Hermana G. and her family in our path. It was an experience that assured me that this is where I am supposed to be! I love my mission. It is already such a treasure to me.

I want to also share with you a parable of sorts that Hna. Peña told me today.

Once upon a time, there was a village. In this village, everybody had the power to see the demons that followed the others in their village. One day, a man walked into their village and the people noticed that he only had ONE demon following him! ¨How righteous and obedient is he,¨ the people said, ¨that he only has ONE demon following him!¨ Then, another man walked into the village with 10 demons trailing behind him. All of the villagers thought he must have been really disobedient to have 10 demons following him. What they didn´t recognize is that the second man was so obedient and so strong that Satan knew he had to send 10 times as many of his servants to try and tempt him to do wrong. Sometimes we ask ourselves why, when we are trying the hardest to be obedient, we have so many temptations and trials. Don’t be discouraged! Satan sends the most demons to the people that he has to work the hardest on.

I also invite you to read D&C 58:1-11. It is so so incredible. Especially verses 2-4. Do not lose faith, continue faithful. Blessings will always follow obedience! That is a PROMISE we have from our Savior. I love you all SO MUCH! I hope you are all happy and smiling. 🙂

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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