Last week in San Cristobal…

Holaa 🙂

This week has been so great! GUESS WHAT?! Hermana Peña is training again!!! She is so amazing. Hermana Howard, Hermana Bollough, and Elder Meyers and Elder Hansen from my group are all training too. They´re awesome. This all means that I HAVE TRANSFERS! We originally were told that I was going to Huehue but we got the call last night that I´m going to be staying in the zone! My only real options are to transfer to Nahualá with my grandmother (Hermana Peña´s trainer) Hermana Palomino, or our district leader told Hermana Peña that I could open an area in Chirijox! In both of those areas the people only speak Q´iche. I am so excited! Of course it will be so hard to leave Hermana Peña, but I am so happy to do whatever the Lord asks of me! Hermana Peña will forever be one of my dearest dearest friends. She is one of the most Christ-like, faithful, humble, kind, and fun people I know and I will miss being her companion so much. She has taught me countless lessons and shared memories and spiritual experiences with me that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I told her the other day and truly believe that my future family will thank and praise her for the person she has helped me to become! Despite all I have learned here in San Cristobal, of course I still feel like I am lacking in certain areas. Sometimes it is difficult to truly believe that the Savior can help us become perfected someday when I am recognizing all of my weaknesses and faults so clearly! I am learning with time here in the mission how to trust in His promise to us, and about the purpose and power of the Atonement, and learning all that I must do as a disciple of the Lord so that I can help Him fulfill His promises to me. Have you ever thought about that? WE help the Lord fulfill His promises to us.

We were invited to have dinner with the Sapon family this week and they wanted us to put on their corte and LET ME TELL YOU I NEVER KNEW HOW PAINFUL CORTE WAS. I literally could not breathe because they have to pull the belt so tight and Hna. Peña and I were laughing so so hard because we could hardly sit in our chairs to eat but it was so fun. Every time I saw a woman in corte the next day I was just so sad for her, hahah.

We found out on Wednesday that I was going to be transferred because Hna. Peña had to go to a meeting for trainers and was told she would stay in San Cris to train. On Saturday we had a ward activity and the missionary companionships (Elder Peña and Elder Aguirre, Elder Rodgerson and Elder Perez, us) planned a game to help promote unity among the members and investigators too. It was sooo fun. After, we visited some references with the ward mission leader and his sister and then we went to a member’s house to just say goodbye and get my notebook from their house (or so I thought). We were waiting in the living room and the daughter, Saraí, brought in a poster with my name on it. Then the older sister, Claudia, brought in cake and pizza and I realized Hermana Peña had planned a party to celebrate my 4 months in the mission and my service in San Cris before I left. I WAS DYING and crying a little but what else is new.

I am running out of time, but I will tell you more about this week in my email next week if I can. I love you all so much! Something Hermana Peña and I were studying this morning was a talk given by Elder Suarez. He talks about how the brother of Jared had to search for the stones and cut them and shape them and THEN ask the Lord to touch them so they would have light for their ships. He said this in Spanish, so I’m going to translate, but, “After all of the work that we can do, we ask the Lord to touch the stones so that he can do miracles.” The Lord will work miracles in our lives when we are doing all we can to help Him keep His promises. I love you all and hope you are well!!! Be good and be happy!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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