Transferred to Nahuala

Hoooolaa a todos 🙂

How is everyone?! I would love to hear from you all (ahemm sisters and brother) hahah but really I miss you! Today was even worse I think because we got to go to Walmart for the first time (new mission president and new rules!) and I felt like I was back in Utah. Also they started playing some MJ and I thought of you, Dad. Speaking of you, Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (late) I hope it was so great!! It sounds like you guys have been having such a great summer. I’m so happy for you all!

This week was great! And hard, super hard! My companion was super super sick and in bed a lot of the week. At one point we had to go to the health center here in Nahualá and they gave her shots of penicillin. (I have no idea how to spell that anymore, I’m sorry.) She couldn’t walk because of her shots in her legs so we took a tuk tuk up to where we live and I carried her into the house and into our room. We live with a member so we just have a bedroom and a bathroom that we live in! Our floors are cement (we had tile in San Cris and I used to say I missed carpet but now I’m used to hard cold floors, haha). I can’t say anything bad about where we live because I really feel so blessed. Our house is nothing compared to many people in the ward here who don´t have floors or real walls at all. Last night we went to visit a recent convert (one of Hna. Peña´s converts here! Haha, it’s her old area) and as we were teaching 5 brothers from the Elders Quorum walked in the gate to look at their house and see what they can do to help their situation. They don´t have any light and they cook all their food in a fire they build on the dirt floor of their house. One part of their house is built from blocks of mud and the kitchen is made out of bamboo sticks. Sometimes I am tempted to feel depressed because of the living conditions of some of God´s children, but there is a line in PMG or the mission manual (I can´t remember which) that talks about how we don’t have to feel depressed, but more encouraged to share our message so that one day they will live in a never-ending state of happiness with their Heavenly Father!

​The day of the stake activity! PS I cut my hair that morning haha.

​The day of the stake activity! PS I cut my hair that morning haha.

On Saturday we had an activity with all of the stake and IT WAS SO FUN. It lasted from 9 am until 4 pm. All of the missionaries had to be there to help and I got to see all of the San Cris members and Guisela and Brisna and Emanuel and THEY’RE GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I think I get to go. I am so so happy for them. Also, their older brother was there! When I was in San Cris he had never wanted to listen to us, but I think that he has had a personal change of heart and is also thinking baptism. 🙂 FAMILIAS ETERNAS WOOO. When Bris and Ema saw me they started crying and I began to miss my old area… But I have FAITH that I am here in Nahualá for a reason and that even though I may not know that reason, the Lord does. Someday I will understand! Haha. Our zone cooked tacos and crepes in the kitchen while everyone else ate their food in the gym at lunch time and I am so grateful for the organization of the mission, to have zones and districts and a real support system. Emanuel and Brisna were also with us in the kitchen. IMG_5951At one point, Ema had my camera and was looking at all my photos. When I got it back from him I went to look at my photos from that day and realized that I had ONE. ONE PHOTO and that he had accidentally erased all of my photos without realizing it. Surprisingly, I took it fairly well. I didn’t say anything and just tried to let it slide off my shoulder. Luckily one of the Elders in the zone told me I could take my card to an Internet place here and they could recover all of my photos. CROSS YOUR FINGERS that it will be possible, haha. 🙂  I’m only sad because I had wanted to send you some photos from that day, but it’s okay! Hopefully I will get them back. We also performed a skit as a zone in the talent show that afternoon and we were all dying. It was so fun. Hermana Peña filmed it on my camera so when I send my card home you’ll be able to watch it. 🙂

We have two positive families right now and others that we are working with. One of the families has already become like OUR OWN family here in Nahualá and the other is a great Evangelical family. We met with them for the second time a few days ago, and the father, Geronimo, and his son, Cristobal, were there to listen. It was really great. Cristobal even asked us for a Book of Mormon before we had the chance to offer him one and commit him to read it, hahah. We are hoping that they will choose to accept all of the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to give them by accepting this gospel!

I feel that I have never learned more that I have here in these 4 short months on the mission. I read a great devotional this week by Elder Holland called “The Miracle of a Mission.” It motivated me to be even more selfless and giving in this great work! It also reminded me of the great authority that we have as missionaries that I literally might never be able to have again. We have a similar authority as the apostles do, to literally be REPRESENTATIVES and witnesses of Jesus Christ. I feel so humbled by my calling and so grateful for the blessing it is to be a missionary. I love you all so much! I wish you could all be here with me to experience all of the great moments of a mission. I encourage those of you who are seriously thinking about serving to DO IT. It has changed my life and will continue to do so…. I am so proud to call all of you my friends and my family! Best of luck in everything this week!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi

P.S. Funny (for the most part) story of the week: After a long day, Hermana Palomino and I were finishing planning with a prayer. Hermana Palomino, on lots of medicine and super tired, was offering the prayer. She began to get distracted and all of sudden I heard her say, ¨Padre Celestial, SE CUIDA!¨ Which means Heavenly Father, take care or be safe! Hahahah I didn’t say anything until the next day when she asked me if I had noticed. She said she had started thinking about one of the members and imagined herself saying se cuida to her. We died laughing.

The four hermanas in our zone. :) Hermana Loo (daughter of Hna Peña and my sister!), Hermana Peña (my mom haha) , Hermana Palomino (mi compañera and my grandma!)

The four hermanas in our zone. 🙂 Hermana Loo (daughter of Hna Peña and my sister!), Hermana Peña (my mom haha) , Hermana Palomino (mi compañera and my grandma!)


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