Take advantage of the Truth you have…

Hi hi!

I’m sorry that I don’t have much time to write this week!! I loved being able to talk [email] with you, fam, and reply to a few of those who wrote me! I’m sorry I didn’t have time to reply to everyone! I will be better and reply next weeeeek. 🙂

A recap of this week: lots and lots of amazing conversations and experiences, lots of feeling the spirit and God´s love for His children here, lots of laughing, lots of tortillas, (WE MADE PIZZA for a less active´s child´s birthday party and also pushed a car up a hill as a form of entertainment at the party and Elder Pagán almost threw up – who works out for entertainment?), A SPONTANEOUS TALK IN CHURCH EVEN THOUGH HALF THE WARD COULDN’T UNDERSTAND ME (they all speak Quiché), inventing new food because we missionaries are poor (it didn’t turn out like we pictured it in our heads), and a barbecue/water fight with the zone for our last P-day together. Five of the 14 in our small zone have changes tomorrow! My companion, who completed 9 months in Nahualá this last month, is leaving tomorrow! I have learned an incredible incredible amount from her and I know that the Lord needs her to testify to His children in another area at this time in her misión. She goes home in November! She is amazing.

I am out of time but I love you all so much! I hope you are being good and receiving so much happiness in your lives! I know that the trials come, and they always will, but the Gospel of Jesús Christ is what helps give us hope, patience, faith, and humility in our hardest times. Take advantage of the TRUTH you have, and share it too. 🙂 Best of luck with all this week!!!!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


After our zone's water fight

After our zone’s water fight


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