A Visit to the Temple and General Conference!

Okay all you great people!

This week was INCREDIBLE. We had divisions with the Hermana Leaders on Wednesday/Thursday and I went to Momos with HNA BUSK. She’s from Bountiful and I’m sure half of you know her because she’s really one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Those 24 hours were HILARIOUS and great and inspired me to be a better goal-maker, planner-of-the-future-er…? Haha and a more organized person, too. 😉 I am working on goals for my mission, including things I want to study and specific goals for my personal gospel knowledge, etc. It’s GREAT.

On Friday, we went to the TEMPLE. FINALLY. I was so hungry for that temple trip. Starving actually. On the verge of mal-nourished. Wanna know how I knew? The second we actually walked inside, I burst into tears. All of the Elders were asking me if I was okay and I think they were kind of scared but I was just a li’l emotional, ya know? And SO beyond grateful to be inside of the House of the Lord. I encourage all of you to GO as OFTEN as possible. As Elder Scott said on Sunday, if you don’t have a temple recommend, WORK to get one! And once you get it, use it OFTEN!!!!!! The temples are blessings from our Heavenly Father that we can go to at any time and if we aren’t taking advantage of them, we honestly aren’t thinking straight. The temple was a great renewal for me, of strength and love from my Heavenly Father, of life/eternal goals and commitments to serve my God for all of time and eternity! I just love my Heavenly Father and my Savior so so much, I don’t know how to express what I feel about the truths that we have as members of the restored church of Jesus Christ. I feel humbled and grateful for the Plan of Salvation and Happiness and for the life and teaching of my Savior, for His Atonement, for our prophets and leaders, FOR EVERYTHING MY FATHER IN HEAVEN HAS GIVEN ME. I have been so teary during this internet time, thinking of and expressing my love for this gospel and for the commandments! Mom and Dad: Thank you for raising me in the gospel, for keeping me on the straight and narrow even when you had to be behind me PUSHING me at times when I didn’t have a vision of the bigger picture! 🙂 I love what (a GA..) said this weekend in conference about how parents need to put their foot down at times, that one day their children will understand and be eternally grateful. If parents don’t put their foot down, no one else will do it. I am indebted to you for all you did for and taught me. Thank you, with ALL OF MY HEART, thank you!

On Saturday we went to Toto with the zone to watch conference in English (wooh!). We went to lunch between sessions to a restaurant with GOOD FOOD and I died a li’l inside, then went back to watch the second session. Sometimes, after conference sessions, I am just silenced by my love and appreciation and reverence for our incredible leaders. I know that they are called by God to represent Him in this church and on this Earth. I know that they are inspired by God! They converse with Him, they know Him, and their examples of righteousness inspire me.

On Sunday, Karina came to conference!!!! She is so prepared for baptism it kills me. She has expressed her testimony to us of the truthfulness of this church and gospel many times. She has dreamed the same dream of her baptism THREE TIMES, and she has explained her ¨unexplainable, special feeling¨ to us whenever she prays about the church or listens to the lessons, and she felt the same way in conference on Sunday. We are going to work more with her family now so that they can be baptized together and support each other in their journey back to our Heavenly Father.

I am out of time but just know that I LOVE CONFERENCE. It just went by way too fast. I loved Elder Bednar’s message at the end about how we, as members of the church, naturally want to share with those we love the very thing that lifted and cured us when we were wounded and down. I loved Elder Holland’s talk, totally bawled (again proving to all the elders we sisters are crazy MY B).  I loved everything, everything!! It was so direct and powerful and I know that this church is the restored church of our Savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart!!!! If you don’t know with a surety, pray to have your beliefs confirmed and your doubts calmed. I love you all!!! Have a great week and be diligent in prayer and study and be HAPPY!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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