Remembering WHO we really are helps us to live up to our divine potential

Every day in the mission is such a wonderful experience. Every day is TRYING and difficult, but filled with so so much joy and miracles and laughter. I feel that my life is so enriched by knowing the joys and struggles and stories of others’ lives. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity in this life to serve a mission, to receive such great joy and blessings from my Father in Heaven from serving and struggling and learning and growing.

This week was FILLED with incredible experiences! Also, lots of rain and cold and dropped appointments and miracles and cow poop (don’t worry I can explain) and chopping wood (bet you’re all surprised I can actually do that, HA, I have no idea why they trusted me with the axe, I’m serious) and new investigators and great lessons!

On Tuesday, we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Suriel, the boyfriend of a member here! It was my first time meeting him, and I was a little nervous because I just wanted to really help him feel that this is all TRUE and I knew that everything EVERYTHING depended on the spirit that we brought with us to the lesson and how we would rely on it. His father is a pastor of an Iglesia Evangelica, which is a big desafio but he is very positive. We taught in Alma 32, and discussed how we can’t possibly expect to know if something is true if we don’t first experiment and test it. We challenged him to read a chapter each day of the Book of Mormon and felt prompted to PROMISE him that if he does so for two weeks, reading and praying each night to ask if it is true, He will know and He will feel the confirmation of his question. He told us he had a big question about the great apostasy and wanted us to teach about the whole Restauracion from the beginning. We taught it in such a way that we had never done before and so many things came to my mind that I had never thought to express or teach to explain it better! He was smiling throughout our whole lesson. He said it is all so new for Him, but that He wants so so badly to receive a confirmation to all of his prayers. We have lots of faith in Him. 🙂 It was an honor for Hermana Rodriguez and me to feel the spirit testify so powerfully through us to this child of God. We felt so so humbled and indebted to the Lord after Suriel and his girlfriend left the church building, where we had our lesson, that we prayed and thanked Him.

On Thursday, we had a lesson close to a member’s house that fell through in the morning. Coincidentally the 2nd and 3rd plans also fell through and as we passed the house of a member, Hermana Lorena, we both felt we should stop to talk with her! Her husband left her a few months ago and about a month ago, she fell from her 3rd story on top of her car and moved some of the discs in her back, on top of breaking her big toe and not being able to walk very well. The doctors say she will never really heal and will just have to deal with the unbearable pain with pain medicine for the rest of her life. We began to ask her if there was any way we could help her! Normally everyone just rejects our offers to serve, but Hna. Lore hesitated and then told us she really needed someone to help her cut her firewood and carry it up to their kitchen on the 3rd floor of their house. Her 60-year-old mother was planning on doing it before we stopped by and offered to help. We called the elders and all helped for a few hours, we sisters getting a little dirtier, carrying the wood that was stored right by the cows (lots and lots of cow poop let me TELL you, hahaha) and was just a little covered in some other kind of animal poop, we weren’t really sure. BUT IT WAS A BLAST. The elders even let us chop some of the wood and then we carried it all up to the third floor. Hermana Lore was talking with us after we finished and told us their family had been worrying about what they were going to do and had debated calling us to help but, al final, had decided to just keep thinking of ways to chop it and carry it upstairs. She thanked us for answering her prayers and even gave us/helped us contact a reference who is PILAS. BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEEESSSST, especially when you get covered in animal poop.

Yesterday in church, Hermana Rodriguez and I got to teach the lesson in Relief Society! There were about 10 women there and it was so fun to talk with them and discuss some of the best desires we can have in this life, how we develop those desires, and how our desires will determine who we become and what we receive in the next life. I love a story that Brother Randall L. Ridd uses in His talk about our generation, that remembering WHO we really are helps us to make the right choices. It kind of ties in with the theme of Catherine’s talk! Remember that we all chose to follow Jesus Christ in the premortal life. Remember that each one of us promised our Heavenly Father we would return to Him after this mortal life, and remember that He promised us in return His divine help. We are all sons and daughters of an Almighty God. When we remember and recognize the noble and great spirits we were before this life, it can help us to work towards and live up to our divine potential here on Earth. I am SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR THIS GOSPEL AND THE GREAT PLAN OF HAPPINESS. GAH. I LOVE my Savior and my Father in Heaven and I feel so humbled by all of my experiences here as a missionary. I love what Em said, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. CAN I JUST BE A MISSIONARY FOREVER? (HA, jokes on me cause actually we CAN. WOOH.)

Sidenote: we met a group of neighborhood children who are all best friends who now call Hermana R. and me their aunt and mother. Hahaha, and whenever we pass by in the street they ¨invite¨ us to treats at the tienda and buy us 10 cent candy. We’re in love with them and one is currently reading the Book of Mormon, que PILAS.

I love you all so much and I hope you are doing well. 🙂 I promise that true joy comes from living this gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God, and that He translated the Book of Mormon, Otro Testamento de Jesucristo, by the authority and power of God. Keep reading the scriptures and praying and being goooooood, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


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