We all have a part in this great work

PHEW! Okay, I’m going to try and write this fast. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  I LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.  I feel so grateful for my Savior, for the Spirit, for the Plan of Salvation, for the restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ, for the SCRIPTURES, for living prophets and apostles, for the Sacrament.  Recognizing how much my Heavenly Father has done for me and how great the Lord is gives me more of a determination, every day, to lose my life in their service.

This week was amazing. Sunday was one of the highlights of our week. It started out very trying. We planned and called and sent messages and went by the houses of investigators and less actives before church so they could be ready and so that they could experience the joy of taking the sacrament and be EDIFIED by the teachings and the spirit that is ever present on Sunday in the chapel. We ended up entering the chapel alone. I was SO grateful for those three hours of church. It was a special special sacrament meeting for me. I testify of the power the sacrament gives us to persevere every week. We NEED that strength weekly, we can never sacrifice it for something less important–because EVERYTHING is of lesser importance when compared with partaking of the sacrament.  We literally renew the promises we have made with our Heavenly Father, and are promised the constant company of His spirit throughout the week.  It helps us to remember our covenants that we have made and what we need to do in the coming week to be worthy of that company of the spirit. In our class during the second hour, one of our zone leaders taught about charity. It occurred to me that when we promise to be witnesses of Christ at all times (Mosiah 18:9), a part of that promise means acting and speaking in such a way towards others that their testimony of a loving Heavenly Father who doesn’t forget or forsake ANYONE is increased. All that we do should help others to receive a reassurance that they are loved, they are listened to, they are NOT forgotten, and that promised blessings from the Lord ARE given. In RS, Sister Rodriguez and I taught a lesson based on Elder Uchtdorf´s talk, “Are You Sleeping During the Restoration?” The Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ did NOT end with Joseph Smith! We are a part of this great work. What will we be able to share and say about our participation in the preparation for the Savior´s Coming? Or will we have to say that we were merely bystanders, that we merely watched and observed? I testify that we ALL have a part in this great work! We want all to enter into the Lord´s rest, and we have a grand responsibility and privilege as sons and daughters of God born in this dispensation to participate in bringing all those unto Christ.

I was reading a GREAT chapter in the Book of Mormon this week that I’ll have to share with you all next week! But I love you all! Thank you for being a part of my life and for supporting me and loving me through everything. 🙂

Hermana Marcheschi

P.S. I have transfers! I’ll be going to either Momos or Huehue. Love you all!


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