We are meant to persevere, to struggle

Hi to all!

How is everyone?! How was Thanksgiving? I almost forgot about it until my companion asked me in her cute English that morning, ¨today is Thanksgiving?!¨ and then a few tears welled up real fast as I ate my cold cereal in one of our plastic couture chairs we have sitting around our vintage beach table. Or when one of our cute friends, Gloria, who is now around 80 and lived in the states for many years told us extensively about the origin of pumpkin pies in impressive English and I imagined you all eating pumpkin pies HOPING you’d eat a few for me. Hahaha, no, I actually am convinced my Thanksgiving was one of the best I’ve been blessed to have in my entire life. 🙂 I love being a missionary. Maybe I didn’t eat any turkey or pumpkin pie, but I was filled in a different way!

WELP I am in HUEHUE!!! In an area called Cerrito de Maiz (little hill of corn) with Hermana Madrid from Honduras. How blessed do I feel to have Hermana Madrid as my companion. 🙂 She is the mother of Hermana Bullough! Hna M. is one of the calmest, most loving, reverent, dedicated, and FUNNIEST people I know. We get along so well and we are working hard together every day to become better missionaries and servants of the Lord, work through the spirit, and give our hearts completely over to the Lord. She is such a blessing and I feel so humbled and blessed. 🙂

Today at lunch with my new companion, Hermana Madrid from Honduras, in Huehue.

Today at lunch with my new companion, Hermana Madrid from Honduras, in Huehue.

Zona Huehue Centro

Zona Huehue Centro

Huehue is like a different WORLD. Half the time I feel like I’m in Guatemala and the other half of the time I feel like I’m serving in California. My area is the most beautiful place in the world. (I know I say that about every area but I promise.) Not very many people here wear corte and all of the members are so kind and accepting and it’s hot here most of the time. In all of the other places of our mission, these months are unbearable with the cold, and this past week has actually been SO cold at night. Both of us got sick–Hna. Madrid first, on Thursday, and I the next day. I didn’t know it was normal that your skin burns for a few days after you have a really high fever…? But luckily we are once again well and we are excited to get to WORK after this P-day we´ve had. Today we went to a Latin American version of Savers to buy ugly Christmas sweaters for our Christmas zone party in a few weeks and then met up in a restaurant that I think is part of some hotel here? All I know was that I WAS NOT IN GUATEMALA — it was a strange feeling. I almost felt uncomfortable because it was so different haha. After eating together we’ve been running around trying to get a few things done. It has been a normal crazy pday. 🙂

The work is progressing RAPIDLY in this little area. Right now we are working with several investigators who have baptism dates for these next few weeks, but we want them to REALLY be gaining TESTIMONIES, to really be prepared to serve the Lord and change their lives. The members are so great and so willing to help.

I was studying in Mormon and Ether this week and found some principles and verses that I really love. (1) Mormon 7:7. I’m not sure how the vocabulary is in English, but I LOVE how Mormon expresses himself in his last writings in The Book of Mormon–how he speaks of living forever in the presence of and singing praises to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in a never-ending state of happiness. How could this NOT motivate each and every one of us to repent daily and really work to overcome our weaknesses so that we can be found innocent before Christ? (2) Mormon 9:27-28. I don’t have time sufficient to explain all that I love about these verses. All I can say right now is go read them and study them and APPLY them, ponder what they mean, because I loovee them. (3) Ether 4:15 (13-15). If we will COME unto Christ, soften our hearts, stop doubting, and keep the commandments, Christ will show unto us great and marvelous things. He will show unto us line upon line as we adquiremos (translation?) more and more light. Light gives unto light.

I love this gospel SO much! There is a reason the fifth principle of the gospel isn’t ¨walk leisurely to the end.¨ We are meant to persevere, we are meant to struggle, we are meant to be tried, and we are meant to overcome it all, to become sanctified and pure, to depend upon the Lord and the tools we have been given to run this race with patience and comfort and strength, and we are meant to win it all. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for the examples you are in my life!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi

With children I knew in San Juan before being transferred

With children I knew in San Juan before being transferred


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