The fulness of Jesus Christ’s gospel has been restored to the Earth

Hola y Feliz Navidad!! (almost, jaja)

This has been such a spiritually edifying and hard and successful week for us. We both feel very grateful to our Heavenly Father for helping us to find and teach and learn. We have felt His help and His Spirit throughout this week. On Wednesday we had a Leadership Training Meeting with President Smith, who talked about what our message REALLY is as missionaries–that we should testify of the restoration of the gospel in every lesson, in every street contact. If we are contacting and getting into homes by saying we have a message about Jesus Christ, we are just like every other missionary and church here in Guatemala. We have a message about an Eternal Father who loves us enough to bless us with the fulness of the gospel on the Earth once again, a living prophet, and the church of His Son, our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer RESTORED in totality. Because the fulness of the gospel has been restored, we KNOW that families can be eternal! And we know HOW! We left the Heavens with the goal of returning to live with our Father and our Savior and our families forever–and we have every tool here on the Earth, in these the latter days, to be able to do so. The Lord will bless us for teaching the message of the Restoration. Our message is SO important, but if we don’t share it in the way the Lord wants us to, others cannot and, for good reason, will not understand its importance. We practiced a lot of contacting in role plays in the meeting, and we also talked about and learned better HOW to set good goals and meet them. It was an amazing meeting/conversation and I felt inspired to share more effectively that message from the START, from the very first conversation we have with an investigator, in the street or wherever it may be.

I have also felt so grateful and honored to be a representative of Jesus Christ, especially this week as we started sharing the Church’s Christmas video, He is the Gift. Every single time we testify of the Savior, of His divine mission, and all that we have because of Him, I am filled with gratitude, respect, and love for Him and for a Heavenly Father that loves me SO MUCH that he let His Only Begotten Son come to the Earth to live for us, die for us, and live again — all so that we could have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Home. I feel humbled and grateful to wear His name and testify of Him.

Huehue has gone crazy with Christmas decorations and Hermana Madrid and I have no idea what to expect, both of us passing our first Christmas season in the mission. Yesterday marked the start of the season’s celebrations. December 7th at 6 pm, everyone ¨burns the devil¨ in front of their houses and lights (throw in random directions as hard as they can) fireworks. It was actually BEAUTIFUL. Our area is pretty high up, so as we were contacting around 6 and looked out over the valley, hundreds of bonfires became visible and there were beautiful fireworks being lit over the valley en todos lados for about an hour. ALSO we were a little frightened because of the trust the parents have in their 4 year olds with lighters and fireworks in the hour we happened to be proselyting in the street before the Christmas devotional….

"Burning the devil"

“Burning the devil”

We have to go buy some groceries (don’t any of you be fooled into thinking that P-day is a relaxing day… Hahahaha) But I love love you all and I am so grateful for your examples and your love and support! Thank you for everything.

Hermana Marcheschi

(aka CHRIS ;))

At Fredy's baptism

At Fredy’s baptism

With Hermana Sainsbury at divisions

With Hermana Sainsbury at divisions

We also went to see the Zaculeu ruins today! I got so burned. We also played capture the flag on the grass between all the ruins.

We also went to see the Zaculeu ruins today! I got so burned. We also played capture the flag on the grass between all the ruins.


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