There is such POWER that comes from the Book of Mormon

Hi fam and friends!

This has been a week FULL of blessings!

First of all, last night was a little hard for us when they told us Hermana Madrid has changes tomorrow. There were definitely a few tears shed and I feel like I am being separated from my BEST FRIEND. But I know that the Lord has great plans for us. And I trust in Him!

Tuesday we had some great lessons with new investigators. One is the best friend of a missionary from our ward that’s coming home at the beginning of March, and he accepted a baptismal date! The only problem is that he studies on Saturdays and Sundays. We also had a great lesson with Nery and Elisa! The biggest challenge with them is helping them come to church. Their pastor has taught them that it is a sin to visit other congregations. (Something we hear a lot from investigators here.) Right now they are reading the Book of Mormon and praying but if they are not coming to church, they can’t progress. We will be praying a lot about how to help them, but may have to leave them for a time until they can really progress and receive the restored gospel fully. 😦

Wednesday we had a great lesson with Shirly, a 20 year old who lives right next to the church and is dating a member from a different ward. We studied from the Book of Mormon the doctrine of baptism and why it’s necessary to be baptized at an appropriate age and by the authority from God–and how we know WHO holds this authority! We had a great lesson and there is such POWER that comes from the Book of Mormon, I’m SERIOUS. I know I say it every week, but it is the greatest tool in missionary work. IT’S JUST SO TRUE.

Thursday was a GREAT day. We had some powerful lessons with less actives and with a new family we met this week. (asdfjkluweisahdf!!!! Finding new and positive families is one of the happiest things). We taught an endowed less active and his daughter-in-law and talked about temples. We discussed D&C 124:23 and things we can do to be worthy to enter into this house of rest! We discussed the importance of keeping covenants we have made with God and the choice blessings we can receive. Margarita was close to tears and so were we. I love sharing what makes me so happy! We are hoping to help get her and her husband to the temple. 🙂

We taught a wonderful lesson about the first half of the restoration (up until the Great Apostasy) to Herman and Gabriela Escobar and they were very very receptive. They have two small daughters and Herman works in the army and is only at home for one week every month. At the end of our lesson we asked them what kinds of specific questions they could ask God to receive answers to their prayers. Gabi said, ¨if we have been in error in our church, if we have only had a part of the truth¨ and we jumped for joy inside as we could see that she was really GETTING it. When we returned on Saturday, they had read the Introduction of the Boo of Mormon together and after we had taught about how the truth had been RESTORED, Herman offered a wonderful prayer and promised God he would read the Book of Mormon every day. They are a beautiful beautiful family.

That night, we took a letter from the Area Presidency this week to an inactive teenage girl to invite her to 5:00 am seminary and she read it and told us she was set on going the next day so we woke up at 4:30 on Friday and took her to seminary and it was the best way to start our day. I was so floored by her desire to be diligent and recognize the need to be where the Lord wants her to be. She is so great.

Friday we taught a family that has been coming to our ward for several weeks now with a brother of the mother about the Restoration. They had been receiving lessons from elders in another area but they passed them to us and after our lesson they accepted baptismal dates! For the 28th of Feb. 🙂 WE LOVE THEM. They are so great. They were still a little unsure about the date, but on Sunday morning when we taught them again, they told us they had been praying a lot and felt very sure and calm about it and are SO EXCITED. 🙂 Especially when we told them that their brother has the authority to baptize them. 🙂

Saturday we threw a birthday party for Victor, a recent convert and had a confetti egg war. Their family is so dear to us.

THERE IS JUST SO MUCH THAT I CAN’T SEND IT ALL!!!! But I hope you all know I am so happy and that missionary work is the best. I hope you are all doing so well and that you are working hard to achieve all you want. I love you all!!!! 🙂


Hermana Marcheschi


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