Filled with joy and peace

Hi all!

How are you all? ! I am doing GREAT! We had a hard and happy week!

We did divisions with the sisters from Las Flores this week and I got to work with Hna. Soto from Honduras! She has a few weeks in the field and is just KILLING it. We shared thoughts about how you have to really know and feel what you teach so that others will feel that it is true and that it will bless them. As a zone, we are working a lot on the way we teach and contact. We have been improving our way of contacting, really helping people understand that we believe in modern day prophets, the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ, and helping them see how our message really will bless their lives!

Divisions with Hermana Soto

Divisions with Hermana Soto

The GREATEST missionary tool we have is the Book of Mormon. We had a great lesson with Gabriela this week. She opened up to us about problems in her home that she has been having as we read 3 Nefi 11. We were sitting on the curb outside and there was a slight breeze and we felt the spirit SO strongly as we opened her eyes to the love of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father for all of His children. I am so grateful for the gospel, for the Book of Mormon, for prophets. To be a daughter of God.

Saturday was CRAZY and we were running around alllll day as some things didn’t go the way we had planned with baptism preparations! But the enemy is always trying to get us down on those special days. 😉 We got Mari and Odi and Diego their clothes and as Mari and Odi were changing we were talking and Mari was SO cute and so nervous but excited. The moment of their baptisms was the most sweet. Mari’s brother, Alex, a convert of about a year, baptized the three. The power of his priesthood and worthiness and LOVE for them was felt so strongly as he performed the ordinances. You can’t do much more than beam in those moments. Mari hugged me after the baptism and told me she felt so so good that she couldn’t explain it and just hugged me again and smiled at me. The three of them were beaming from ear to ear the rest of the night.

3.2.15 Giron family's baptism

The baptism of the Giron family


Sunday I got a little sick in the night but we had a great morning! We are working with several families, and one of them and another investigator had plans to come to church with us! We ran around in the morning to our investigators and less actives’ houses and to our great disappointment, we walked into sacrament meeting without a SINGLE one of them. Despite our challenges this week, sacrament meeting was one of the most special hours for me. The confirmations of the Giron Family and the blessing of Maria Jose (Mari’s youngest daughter) brought me to silent tears of joy. Alex got to confirm his sister. The Bishop blessed Diego to serve the Lord as a full time missionary and another brother blessed Odi to be a great leader in the church. As they spoke of receiving all of the blessings of being a member of this church brings, my heart was filled with joy and peace! The moment of the sacrament was sacred, and the testimonies were pure and good. I love going to church.

I love you all and hope you are all SO well and feeling the Lord in every aspect of your lives! Thank you for being who you are to me.

Hermana Marcheschi



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