This time is a treasure to me

Hi, hi all!

I was sitting here thinking about WHAT I would write this week…when I realized that WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE. It seems like an eternity ago; time is so bizarre in the mission. But WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! It was the best day of my whole life. I learned SO MUCH.

We have begun teaching the wife of an inactive brother in the ward. Her mother-in-law is our Relief Society president who has been helping us a lot with visits this week! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in touch with many of our investigators this week but she helped us with much needed friend-shipping of some inactive sisters. We taught Shirly, the daughter-in-law, for the first time on Tuesday and it was a really good lesson. We taught the first half of The Restoration and discussed/studied the importance of prophets through verses in the BOM. We finished The Restoration on Thursday night after the temple and her husband was also in the lesson! It struck me in the lesson (and has been striking me these last few weeks) how powerfully the Book of Mormon blesses families and marriages and any person that READS and APPLIES it. I have such a love for the Book of Mormon. I just wanna sleep with it under my pillow all the time. What? No, but seriously. I’m finishing Helaman and I’m super excited to finish the BOM again, although it’s always depressing coming to the end and realizing there is no more. But then you get to start AGAIN and learn things that are completely DIFFERENT and DEEPER than the time before!!! It’s like a never-ending adventure. Wooh!

Thursday we went to the temple. We left Huehue at 6 for a 9:30 session. Just being on temple grounds is like being in a different world. I feel so blessed to be serving in a mission that has a temple and to be able to go every 6 months. It’s an eternity but it has helped me treasure the times when we DO go. I wish I could spend every day in the temple. Remembering the peace and love and closeness to the Lord and motivation to be better and better that I felt in the temple helped me immensely in the end of the week. At one moment during the night this weekend we were walking after having been turned away at every house we had gone to and I just looked at the sky and wished I could be in the Heavens or at least in the temple again. I felt the spirit telling me that there was much more that my Father had planned for me here first, plans that would help me grow and receive more happiness. I know that missionary work is not easy because “salvation was never easy” (Elder Holland) but that the Lord will always be pleased with us when we declare what He communicates us with “unwearyingness”, when we fear no man and look to do only the will of the Lord and keep His commandments. (Helaman 10:4) I LOVE being a missionary, de verdad serving a mission is changing me and my eternity and I understand more every DAY how to grow close to the Lord, how to please Him, how to become more LIKE Him. This time is a treasure to me. It means everything to me. I love the Lord, I am grateful for the Atonement, the Sacrament, the scriptures, the temple! For prayer. For the Spirit that will guide us and comfort us and purify us if we will give it place in our hearts.

I love you all!!!

Hermana Marcheschi

Zona HueHue Centro goes to the temple (Quetzaltenango temple)

Zona HueHue Centro goes to the temple (Quetzaltenango temple)

Haha! The best one we got

Haha! The best one we got

3.9.15 Zone at temple w: BofM


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