Small miracles the Lord shows us daily

Hi everybody!

This week was a great week! We have found several new families to teach and are super excited to help them receive the gospel. 🙂 We also had our monthly leaders’ counsel with President Smith (I feel like every week I’m writing about meeting with President…) but it was AMAZING! We are constantly running out of fingers to count the small miracles the Lord shows us daily. I love Him.

First of all, the leaders’ meeting was very inspiring. We got to see the new Easter video! It is beautiful and it makes me cry. I am so grateful that we have so many tools to use here in the field. We discussed Mark 9:16-27 and Luke 24:13-31 and the principle of HELPING others accept the restored gospel, not only inviting them to accept it. President always cries and then it makes us cry. You can feel His consecration to the Lord and to this work. He quoted an apostle, saying that there are literally thousands of people in each of our areas, pleading with us, ¨I believe! HELP thou mine unbelief. Please, HELP me, HELP my family!¨ And that when two of the apostles were walking and talking on the 3rd day after Christ’s death they STILL did not understand. They had, in a sense, lost hope that Jesus Christ would be resurrected. When Jesus Christ walked and talked with them and realized they still didn’t understand that he HAD fulfilled the profecies and that He LIVED he helped them to understand by reading and explaining the scriptures. We received some great inspiration on how to better help our investigators cultivate the faith that they already have in the Savior.

This week we did divisiones and received many answers to our prayers, including finding 3 great new families to teach after struggling to find new investigators during the last week. One of the families we were teaching includes 2 sons who are married and have drinking problems. We found them after deciding to knock one more door at 8:48 (as the story always goes, haha.) As we taught, one of them stopped us to comment. He told us that he had always wondered WHAT was happening here in the Americas when the Bible was being written and that the Book of Mormon was the answer to so many of his questions. They are eager to keep learning.

Another great experience we had consists of two parts. Part number 1: As we were walking home from out last visit on Saturday night, an inactive member walked past us with a cigarette in his hand and told us goodnight. We responded and kept walking. Ten seconds later I got the impression that we needed to talk to him and invite him to church so we turned around and RAN (trying not to let him hear that we were running behind him to catch up–classic missionary tactic) and then yelled his name to get his attention. He stopped to talk and we invited him to church. We had stopped by their house many times to visit but had never been let in and inviting him in that moment might not have been my first thought. But I know it wasn’t my thought. We set an appointment for the next night (Sunday). When we went to visit last night, they let us in happily and during the lesson they told us that they had been feeling the desire to have their daughter who had recently turned 8 baptized, but wanted to start going as a family again if that was going to happen. If we had never talked with the father, we might have NEVER known that right now was the moment in which they were feeling desires to return to church and could have easily missed the time window. I am SO grateful that the Lord and the spirit are working diligently in this work!

Church was also a beautiful experience for me yesterday! I looked around at the full room during sacrament and realized how much love I felt for each one of the members. The sacrament strengthened me. I was just filled with happiness during all three hours. We had been praying and praying for a sister’s non-member husband all week before a lesson we had that ended up falling at the last minute. But the Lord answered our (and many other people’s) prayers Sunday morning when the husband’s ride for his church cancelled and he felt a desire to accompany her to church for the first time in their whole marriage. It was a miracle for our ward!!

I love being a missionary!! I love this work! It is hard and strengthening and stretching and fulfilling and joyful and wonderful and incredible.

I love you all!

Hermana Marcheschi

Making a standard of liberty for Livni and familia. (sorry about Marjoreth, haha, but she's the cutest thing there is)

Making a standard of liberty for Livni and familia. (sorry about Marjoreth, haha, but she’s the cutest thing there is)


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