We exist so that we might have JOY

Hola familia y amigooss!

I hope you know that I have been working on speaking Spanish with an English accent again so I can be more funny but Hermana Lopez ends up making fun of me because I can no longer speak Spanish with an English accent, even when I try. I feel like a Latina trapped in a white girl’s body (wooh!).

Hahah, this week has been GREAT! We are teaching three incredible families and we have felt so so blessed. We are still teaching the Cuyuch family (two brothers and their mother, wives and children) that we found at 8:47 the night of divisions last week, and we also taught the Restoration to the entire family of a young teenage girl (Cecy) who has been going to church off and on for years. We had always believed that she couldn’t get baptized because her parents never gave her permission, but we learned last night that she had never received ¨an answer¨ about what to do! We taught her and her father on Tuesday, and last night we taught Cecy´s whole family! After teaching about the Book of Mormon at the end of the lesson, we asked the father, Fredy, what it would mean to Him if all that we had taught was true. He thought for a minute, then told us it would be the biggest blessing that any man could ask for. We invited them to be baptized at the end if they feel that it is true and they all accepted. We put a fecha with them for the 25th of April.

The Cuyuch family is SO GREAT. They truly are a family that has been able to “hear the Lord´s voice” as we have taught about the restored gospel and the Book of Mormon. Both families are reading it and we are working to help them come to church and prepare to be baptized.

We had been visiting a lot as a ward council to help make sure the less-actives and inactives and more or less actives in our ward could hear the stake presidency’s messages in our ward council we had on Sunday. We normally have an attendance of 100-115, but yesterday we had an attendance of 165. We reached our goal and there were so many whole families there together and we were just FILLED with joy for them. I love the gospel. Presidente Garcia talked about how we can perfect ourselves–that it is not becoming perfect like our Savior was here on Earth, but that it is perfecting and developing all of the talents he has given us here on earth. We also talked a lot of family history work. DO IT! I would right now if I could.

I have been LOVING my study of the Book of Mormon. I started Mormon this morning. I loved reading about Christ´s ministry among the Nephites and the ministry of the apostles he called here. I loved reading about his righteous pueblo in the years after His ministry and how ¨surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God¨ (4 Ne 1:16). And you know why they were happy? Because they were living the commandments of God! The formula is simple. May we always be a little bit better in keeping all of the commandments of our Heavenly Father. He loves us. He wants us to be happy! We exist so that we might have JOY (2 Ne 2:25). And He knows how to help us achieve happiness. I know that He listens to and answers our prayers! We can converse with him about our lives and he will answer us. I have put that to the test daily and I testify that He speaks with His children. I testify that Jesus Christ lives! He is our Savior. Only through Him may we be perfected, may we be saved. I love this gospel with ALL of my heart! The mission is the best. I love you all! Thank you for everything.

Hermana Marcheschi

3.9.15 Hna. Madrid at leaders' council

With Hermana Madrid at leaders’ council


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