If we seek this Jesus, the grace of God may always be and abide in us forever

Hi all!

This week was great! Every week is great on the mission. 🙂

This week we did divisiones with the Hermanas from Prado, Hermana Nield and Hermana Feliz (both from my group! I LOVE them!), and the Hermanas from Las Flores, Hermana Soto and Hermana Gibson. On Tuesday I went to Prado with Hna. Feliz, and she is SO FELIZ. Always. It is a joy to be with her and she teaches with such peaceful strength. We went to help one of their investigator families wash clothing and began talking with the mom as she washed, taking advantage of the time we had with her. 🙂 Through listening and asking questions, she opened up to us about her family and the unity and love she wants her family to develop, and we testified of some of the ways she can help her family HAVE that! And be HAPPY! We taught her after about the Book of Mormon and at the end we asked her why she wanted to read it. She looked down at the book in her hands and said “because I want to apply it and be better.” It makes me SO happy when people begin to understand how it will bless their lives. 🙂

On Friday and Saturday Hermana Gibson came to Cerrito with me. WHO KNEW WE HAD ALL THE SAME FRIENDS AT BYU AND NEVER MET?! You can imagine how much fun we had. We had a great lesson with an old investigator and her mother and niece and showed the new Easter Video, “Because He Lives” (Shoutout to Emily; I didn’t know what it was called in English until I read your email) . The spirit was SO strong and we talked about what we have because He lives. We connected it to the Restoration and talked about how we have a LIVING prophet today! And invited them to General Conference this weekend (sidenote: GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!). Almost every person, when we ask, recognizes that having a living prophet called by God to lead HIS church here on the earth today would bless their families GREATLY. I love being able to share with them our message of the restoration of all gospel truth through the prophet Joseph Smith and then to help them know how they can know it’s true. 🙂

The General Women’s Meeting on Saturday was beautiful. I think I came away with a better understanding of the importance to serve others with selfless love and HELP families here understand HOW they can be HAPPY. I wish I had my notes with me to share with you some of the impressions I received. Just know that the sessions of conference in the mission are better than Easter, Christmas, and our birthday combined.

We are working with 5 families right now and are feeling very blessed. The Herrera family is still progressing but they just went out of town for Semana Santa (Easter week)–speaking of Easter, it’s gonna be CRAZY here all this week. I’ve only heard stories hahah. My comp told me that in every single house you go to they give you special bread that they all make at this time of year and last year she got extremely sick. I just didn’t understand how MUCH bread it was until we were given our first round last night! Hahaha I’ll write you if we survive. 😉 We’re excited.




"Do you want A LITTLE bread" she said.

“Do you want A LITTLE bread” she said.

I studied Ether 11 and 12 this morning and I felt that THE HEAVENS OPEN as I was reading Ether 12 and understood SO many things! I loved it. I don’t have much time but here are a few principles I was studying:

Our hope depends on our personal righteousness. We cannot hope to receive promised blessings if we know that we are not worthy to receive them.

As we come unto Christ, we are made more and more aware of our weakness. This is so that we will be made humble enough that Christ’s grace can make us strong. His grace can ONLY strengthen the humble! And if we want to be strong, to be PURIFIED, we have to first, at some moment, feel WEAK.

If we want to be ¨partakers of the Heavenly Gift¨ (Ether 12:8), we must ¨seek this Jesus, of whom the prophets and apostles have written¨ (v. 41). To seek Him, we must study their words! And apply them. If we seek this Jesus, the grace of God may always be and abide in us forever. Grace is defined as divine means of help or strength that is available because of the mercy and love of Jesus Christ (made possible through His Atonement.) THIS is what allows us to turn all weakness into strength! Essentially, the invitation and promise that Moroni makes to us is this: ¨And now, I would commend you to seek this Jesus of whom the prophets and apostles have written, that the (divine help and strength) of God the Father, and also the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of them, may be and abide in you forever. Amen.” We always may have access to that divine help and strength. Let us always always live worthy to receive it. I love you ALL!! ENJOY GENERAL CONFERENCE!!

All my love,

Hermana Marcheschi


District meeting. Guatemalan smiles.

District meeting. Guatemalan smiles.

3.30.15 in front of mural


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