The Book of Mormon is a Testament of the Savior Jesus Christ


This week was overall a great week. On Monday, we had a great lesson with Jesy and her daughters. She read the entire chapter we left her! We taught the second half of the Restoration and it was such a beautiful experience. We told the First Vision and before we could say anything else she stopped us and said, (in my best Spanish slang translation) “Wow, how BEAUTIFUL! So Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ?!!” We testified of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ (and all that that entails) and invited her to be baptized on the 23 of May and she accepteeddddd.

We went back on Wednesday in divisions and she told us she had been feeling a little unsure about a date so soon. Hermana Gibson told her conversion story and it was just what she needed to hear. She decided to keep preparing for the 23 of May. Something we love teaching is how to pray to ask questions and receive answers. Many people here ask for signs or understanding or that God will open their mind rather than asking specific questions, which is the easiest way to receive personal revelation! We taught Jesy how she can receive her answer. During her prayer, she asked, and waited. When she finished she was BEAMING and told us that she felt it was all true.

On Sunday, we passed by and they were all ready, Gaby (3) and Kelcy (8) all dressed up carrying coloring books and Hermana Jesy so cute. The ward was so so good to them. When your investigators come to church, it’s so crazy how closely you listen to every word of every talk to make sure they aren’t scared or confused. In sacrament everyone spoke about temples and work for the dead, in the second hour about missionary work, and the third hour, fast and fast offerings. At first we were a little worried that it would be A LOT for Jesy but during the third hour I realized that every topic had to do with something the Lord asks us to do for OTHER people! I felt such a calm reassurance and also such a joy, recognizing all of the great opportunities we have as members of the church to forget about ourselves and serve others. And I know the spirit always testifies of the truth of the doctrine, and that it would testify to Jesy as well.

I may have expressed this in part in previous weeks, but I have been studying Lesson 1, The Restoration, A LOT because it is the lesson we teach the most. I have felt so blessed with so much more understanding in these past few weeks. (Preach My Gospel is my best friend.) I have been so obsessed with analyzing what doctrines were lost during the Great Apostasy that were restored by revelation and the Book of Mormon. I was reading a devocional by Bruce R. McConkie about salvation by grace and he says that the two greatest heresies of the Great Apostasy destroyed the personal relationship between God and Man and the nature of the Godhead, and corrupted the doctrine of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I am so convinced with every fiber of my being that the Book of Mormon is a Testament of the Savior Jesus Christ. For that purpose it was written and revealed to the world, to lead ALL to salvation through Jesus Christ. I love love love teaching about and from the Book of Mormon. It has been the greatest tool in the conversion of members and investigators (and missionaries :)) alike in my mission. I am so grateful to Joseph Smith for all he did so that I and the world could KNOW Jesus Christ and lay hold upon the blessing of His atoning sacrifice. I know that we are justified and purified through the grace of God. I know that this church is true and that it is led by the Lord Jesus Christ. How blessed we are to live in this dispensation!

I love you all!! Thank you for your love and support,

Hermana Marcheschi


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