I love this work and I am grateful to be here

Hola family and friends!

This week was a great learning experience! I’m here in Xela in a GREAT ward of more than 200 active members and they are all great. We have many returned missionaries here in the ward and tons of awesome members who are eager to work in the Lord’s vineyard. This week was “The Week of the Family” here in Central America and we had activities each night.

Tuesday we had changes in the morning!! I left my beloved Cerrito del Maiz. We spent Monday night teaching Jessy and her daughters and saying goodbye to all of my family there. It was a great, teary night! Haha. We got to Xela and I learned I would be coming to Jardines de Xelaju with Hermana Granados! She was the previous companion of Hermana Howard. That night we had a ward activity of self-sufficiency. (Is that a real thing in English?) We made corn dogs for the snack afterwards and the Relief Society sisters showed how to make all kinds of things, from soaps to beef jerky, 72 hour kits, etc., and several families came to show the bread they make. It was great! The members are so amazing. Thursday night we had a movie night and watched “Together Forever” then split into teams and played games. It was HILARIOUS – we were all laughing so hard. Saturday night we had a cultural/talents night and all of the organizations had prepared acts. A family also sang original songs their dad had written while he sang and played guitar. It was beautiful! Our ward is truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have such great support here. Our investigators will be so blessed.

The Alvarez family came to church with us yesterday, a mother and her two daughters who are learning about the church. During Gospel Principles in the second hour, our ward mission leader talked about temple work and family history and did it in such a tender, beautiful way. It wasn’t weird at ALL for Hermana Janeth Alvarez. At the end, he told several stories of his ancestors that he had found doing family history work and they made me CRY. Haha. We feel very blessed here in Jardines with this ward. They are great and it’s always strange coming to a new area and feeling lost all the time and not knowing who all the members are nor what all the investigators’ challenges are, but I’m trying to absorb as much as I can as fast as I can so we can really begin to help these families fulfill their desires to share the gospel. I love this work and I am grateful to be here.

Hermana Marcheschi


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