The gospel of Jesus Christ is true

Hi everyone!

My heart is so full today. We found out last night that Hermana Granados will be leaving the area tomorrow and I have been meditating all of the ways the Lord has blessed my life through her. My Heavenly Father knows exactly where I lack and who can help me to become more like Him. Hermana Granados has helped me learn selfless service and pure love for others, and I am forever grateful for her joyful personality. She has so many gifts and I have been so blessed to learn and serve at her side.

We had a great week this week. I don’t have much time to write so I’ll make this all fast! Marino is progressing SO FAST. He came to church in a TIE on Sunday, stayed for all three hours, has been doing daily scripture study with his family and went to the Father`s day activity on Saturday with the brethren outside the temple. We had an activity on Thursday night and he and his wife invited four neighbors from the 1st floor of their house who came and enjoyed the message and had fun playing games afterwards with some of the members. We visited them yesterday and their son gave the message. 🙂 It is beautiful the way the Lord has been working in his heart and his family for this past year or so that he has been investigating the church.

We visited the Barrios family this week as well and were able to teach their father as well! We read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon with them and invited them to church the following day and to be baptized if they come to know that this is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. They accepted and yesterday Ismelda and her daughter walked into church yesterday half-way through sacrament meeting. 🙂

Church was great yesterday! We were filled with joy and gratitude as 6 of our investigators were able to attend and also Maura, a less active who we have been working with. We also had a great meeting with the Bishop and were able to receive counsel from him about how to work best with the ward and in which neighborhoods of our area he has felt we should work.

As a mission, we are reading assigned Preach My Gospel chapters each week, and this last week we studied Obedience and Diligence, attributes of Christ. I love that obedience is an act of faith–we are not expected to always understand exactly why we are asked to do something. Willing obedience protects us from temptation and allows the Lord to bless us. The area presidency made a video for all of the wards here a few months ago and one of the counselors’ wives commented in the video that every time we are not obedient to God`s commandments, we rob him of the opportunity to bless us. I love that! I was impacted by D&C 105:6, Mosiah 15:7, and D&C 82:9-10. May we follow the example of our Savior and let our will be absorbed in the will of our Father in Heaven. He loves us and He knows better than us–His instructions will ALWAYS protect us and allow us to follow the path that will lead us safely back to our Heavenly home. I love Him! I love my Savior. I love my companion. I testify that this is the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The spirit testifies to me each day that Joseph Smith was a prophet! That the Book of Mormon is true! Heavenly Father will answer anyone who desires to know if this is true. I love you all! Thank you for everything.

Hermana Christine Marcheschi


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