God is our loving Heavenly Father

Well hi family!!

This week was great. Working together with Hermana Hernandez is like just working with my best friend. I have been so grateful as I have felt that we have been able to lift each other and grow together. We continue to have such spiritual experiences talking with EVERYONE.

Yesterday, we had a training meeting for a few of our ward missionaries. As we left the gates of the church, a cute young family of four passed by on the sidewalk. I realized I had seen the mother earlier that day and Hermana Hernandez and I both turned around immediately and began following them. (Being creepy is literally our calling.) We probably scared them a little as we came up fast behind them and began talking. Hahaha. As we began to converse, they told us they had moved into OUR SAME CONDOMINIUM a week earlier! They listened intently as we gave a brief overview of the restoration of the gospel and how the restored gospel blesses the family. The father of the family happily responded that we could visit them the next Sunday and they gave us both of their numbers. There was a great, great spirit in that space on the side of the street. DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO TEACH INSIDE OF THE CONDOMINIUMS?! The Lord lets us know very very clearly when there are unplanned opportunities to find and teach and testify that He does not want us to pass up. Our ward mission leader said something yesterday that really made me ponder. The Lord has many blessings planned for specific moments for each one of us. However, if we are not prepared when that moment comes, we may forfeit those specific blessings.

There are so many things that Heavenly Father has been helping me refine these past months. Talking with everyone is one of them, and another is asking references from everybody–even street contacts. We cannot control others’ reactions, but it allows us to widen our teaching pool in order to find more people who ARE ready to accept the restored gospel. We served the bishop’s wife last week and she pointed out a house a few houses down from hers of a family whom she didn’t know but who was new in the neighborhood. We knocked the door at the beginning of this week and met a great woman named Neisy. She lives with her young daughter and her husband and the wife of her brother-in-law is a member of the church. She invited us in and we shared the first half of the restoration with her. She is very positive and we hope to be able to teach her husband this week as well.

Marco Antonio came to church on Sunday! He brought two of his young daughters. In Gospel Principles, our ward mission leader taught about exaltation. We (okay I) was a little worried about how Marco Antonio would receive the doctrine of deification but he just has a GREAT spirit about him. He had great questions and our ward mission leader gave great answers with scriptures and Marco thoroughly enjoyed the class. He had to leave after the second hour to take his daughters back to their mother’s house, but he told us that this next Sunday he’s going to bring his other daughter with him.

Steven also came to church! He`s 10 years old and he came with his oldest brother, who is active in the church. He’s so cute and SO intelligent and spent the walk home telling us about the 10 people who had lamps and some had just a little oil and couldn’t get in the door. Haha, I love children. They have such good, innocent desires. His grandfather, the father of all the Flores family, told our ward mission leader after our visit that he feels and knows it’s time for his family to return to the church.

I have been recognizing how the Lord works in the details of our lives, and especially my mission. He helps us find those who receive our message in all different ways–many of which are the LEAST expected. I was also reading a great talk this week titled “The Apostasy and the Restoration” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. I recognized more clearly how many truths were automatically confused/lost/changed when knowledge/understanding of who our Father is and HOW he is was lost. I have never taken so much thought in the first principle of Lesson 1–God is our loving Heavenly Father–as I have this week. It is one of the doctrines that the world understands the least. I love my Father. I know that He is perfect, as is His plan for us, His children. I love Him for sending me a Savior to provide a redemption of all things that separate me from my Father! I will testify of this to the world forever.

All my love,

Hermana Christine Marcheschi

Mi Hermana Hernandez

Mi Hermana Hernandez


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