Why should our message matter to everyone upon this earth?

Hi all!

Thanks for all the pictures from Hawaii…. Hahaha no, we had a GREAT week here as well!! We had a leaders’ council and a zone meeting with the assistants to the mission president two days later and it was an awesome reminder and push to do ALL that is expected of us and more. This week I learned a great principle about goals and hard work. We left the council feeling VERY motivated and hopeful. This last week we have been able to put goals and immediately begin to work better, plan better to reach them. We have felt the Lord’s hand blessing us and helping strengthen and enlighten us.

On Friday we taught an especially special (haha) lesson with Cintia. She is so prepared to accept the true gospel of Jesus Christ! She had read both the pamphlet and the chapter in the Book of Mormon we had left her, and had several awesome questions. She commented that when she reads and prays, she feels a great peace. She told us she feels FULL and that she feels free and happy. I feel the same way when I read the Book of Mormon and pray. It is something that can fill any void we have inside. I am grateful for the restoration of the fulness of the gospel and there is such joy in testifying of that restoration. Hermana Mimi passed by to pick her up on Sunday for church and it was such a sweet sacrament. A sister gave a talk about the plan of salvation and may or may not have mentioned that if we have warts, burns, imperfections here we will die and be EXACTLY THE SAME. And also that the body will not be resurrected … but later that day we taught the Plan of Salvation to Cintia and cleared up a li’l of that…. She is preparing to be baptized the 5th of September and is faithfully reading the Book of Mormon each day. Oh how we love her and her two littles!

This week we learned that the only way out of stress and pressure is putting goals and working hard with the guidance of the Lord to achieve them. We are growing closer to meeting our mission’s goals and felt a calming assurance from our Heavenly Father yesterday that He is pleased with our work but will now help us to work even HARDER and do even more. I love this life! It is so hard sometimes, but no matter how much we progress, our Heavenly Father expects more. He is preparing us all for His eternal purposes. I think of the great responsiblity that has been given to our Savior to make sure that not one of the children His Father has entrusted Him is lost–and I think of the great responsibility WE have to diligently care for the part of those children the Savior, in turn, entrusts to us. The plan of God is perfect.

I have also gained a greater respect for the priesthood this week. I love that President Hinckley said, “If we will walk in obedience to the commandments of God, if we will follow the counsel of the priesthood, he will open a way even where there appears to be no way.” Let us always revere and obey the counsels of our priesthood leaders so that God can open a way even when there appears to be no way. I testify of the truth of this restored gospel, that the Book of Mormon is a beautiful and sacred testament of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and of the prophetic nature of Joseph Smith’s calling to restore Christ’s church upon the earth. Why should our message matter to everyone upon this earth? Because only through the true gospel of the Savior may we come to know the exact principles and ordinances that will allow us to come unto Him and be saved with our family. I love the Savior. I love my Father in Heaven. I love you all!

All my love,

Hermana Christine Marcheschi


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